The screening of the selected short films for each category will take place at ExpostModerno (via Napoli 264, Bari) from the 25th to the 27th of July 2023.

ExpostModerno is a regeneration process focused on the architectural restoration and cultural reactivation of an open-air cinema in Bari – the Arena Moderno – making converge the historical analysis of the cinema role in working-class neighbourhoods in the construction process of a community-led cinema as an urban cultural courtyard, highlighting its ancient popular key meant as accessibility, interaction and shared value.

The project related to the regeneration of expostModerno, and led by the association of social promotion Armata Brancaleone, aims to create a community cinema, one of the first Italian experiments in this sense. Community cinema programming and management is based on co-participation and co-design by the users and the citizens themselves, through a common sharing of intents, projects and shared values, whose ultimate goal is to give a place back to the community itself.

ExpostModerno is also an urban commons, and as such it hosts all the social activities in line with this concept. Over the last few years, the main activity consisted in creating participatory film festivals together with numerous associations in the city, in response to the needs of the whole community, and in order to give space to works that struggle to have access to the national mainstream distribution circuit. This contributes to boost an interdisciplinary environment of confrontation and relationship between operators, authors and public for the growth of both the Libertà district of Bari and the whole territory.