Festival Program

The screenings for the 2022 edition of Cortocircuiti Short Film Festival will be held at arena expostModerno in Via Napoli, 264, a Bari (BA) on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July.

The opening and closing nights will be dedicated to short movies competing for the three contest categories, while the middle night will be focused on short films for children.

Tuesday July 26th at 21:00 – Animated Shorts

The festival opening night will be focused on animated short film category, with screenings of the selected films for this category followed by the award ceremony with the prize and special mentions for the Filmmakers – Animated Shorts category.

Wednesday July 27th at 21:00 – Children Shorts

Thanks to the huge amount of short films for children that were submitted, we decided to include a night where we will be screening short movies for children aged six years old and older: children in the audience will take part in a special jury!

Thursday July 28th at 21:00 – Live Action & Apulian Student Shorts

The final night of the festival will be dedicated to the screening of short films selected for the categories Filmmaker – Live Action Shorts and Apulian Students, and prizes and special mentions will be awarded afterwards.

At the end of each of the festival nights people in the audience will be able to vote for the short film they enjoyed the most.

For a more detailed festival program you can check out the following LINK